Why Graphology & Career Counselling The Best Combination?

Why Graphology & Career Counselling The Best Combination?

Graphology is a science of handwriting analysis & has a validation through research and study for over 50 years. It is a study to analyse human psychology with handwriting. Graphology is based entirely on detailed analysed strokes in an individual’s handwriting to assess his/her personality. This is based on the psychological concept of ‘deviance’. As young kids we are all taught to write in the same manner. But still we deviate and our writing is different from each other. Hence, graphology is able to identify different attributes of our personality & distinguish us from one another. No two people write in the same identical manner. Some strokes somewhere are different. And this is what distinguishes us from the other person.


Each person’s handwriting is as unique as their finger prints. Like how fingerprints reveal your physical attributes and identity, your handwriting reveals your whole personality – your heart, mind & soul. Graphology is this science which helps one to identify these traits and attributes. Graphology is widely used in the corporate sector these days to identify the work pressure on employees and even gauge their talents. Based on this then, they are assigned projects and assignments accordingly. Even during interviews for significant positions in the organizations, they prefer help of graphology so that the right person is selected who will be responsible to run the organization.


Dr. Geetanjali V Saxena has been practicing graphology and has given wonderful results to her clients. Her suggestions in changing the signature or certain alphabets in their writing have contributed to success, happiness in the lives of her clients. She strongly believes that these small changes in the handwriting and signatures can change the way the person responds to the outside world & bring in a positive change in their lives.


She also undertakes workshops on graphology enabling a person to become empowered and aware of his own attributes & thereby bring about a change in him. She suggests that people should learn graphology not only to do reading and corrections for others, but most importantly for their own self.

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