Exploring Past Life Regression Therapy: What You Need to Know

Exploring Past Life Regression Therapy: What You Need to Know

Past life regression therapy is an interesting and therapeutic practice focused on the concept of reincarnation which allows access to memories from one’s previous lives. it uncovers the hidden aspects of your current life; understand phobias and also helps you resolve deep-seated emotional issues. Here is an overview of the facts you need to be aware of about this interesting therapy.

1. Understanding Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy is a unique process whereby you are taken through hypnosis or meditation by a trained therapist who directs clients to reveal memories of their previous lives. This therapy is based on the belief that our souls are reborn into new bodies in different lifecycles, each with its continued experiences and traumas as well as lessons.

2. Benefits of the Therapy

It may help you discover unknown troubles, fears or patterns in your life. This is frequently used to deal with problems such as phobias, relationship issues, chronic illnesses and sometimes for enhancing personal spiritual growth.

3. The Process of Regression

The therapy usually starts by the therapist guiding you into a relaxed trance-like state. After entering this state you are taken through your past lives in order to look at particular memories which perhaps may be affecting your current life.

4. Finding a Qualified Therapist

It is advisable to look for a therapist who specializes in past life regression. Make sure they are well versed with psychotherapy or counseling, and have had practice in conducting regression sessions.


Past life regression therapy is a distinctive approach to the inner mind, which might open up deep insights and healing. Regardless of whether you are curious or looking for emotional healing, seeking a spiritual journey, this kind of therapy can present an interesting and transformative adventure and you can get on this journey with Dr Geetanjali Saxena.

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