Case Study: Past Life regression and Inner child for ENT Issues

Case Study: Past Life regression and Inner child for ENT Issues

The client came with an issue of swelling in the ears and pain in the jaws and was unable to sleep in the night, the client had been to ENT specialist but the issue was not diagnosed as the reports were normal, when client approached Dr. Gittanjali, after the consultation, she suggested a Past life therapy and Inner child therapy healing on the issue.

When the client was regressed, she regressed to the age of 3yrs where she is overhearing grandmother and mother conversation on her feminity and she is getting the message units that, she is not good enough and not worthy of being a female, as she looks like a boy. This created a disassociation in the child and a part of her was in a dark corner with a postulate, “ I SIT IN A CORNER, I DON’T TALK, I DON’T PLAY”. This created an inner child angry at the mother and unsure about her feminity.

From here she regressed to a past life where she felt that she was a medical profession and had helped many people and had also given complimentary treatments to the poor and needy, this enraged the head of the town who was extremely jealous for her popularity and one night he and clan of people went to her house and dragged her outside the house with her hair, this created a excruciating pain in the head and the client said this was the same pain she was experiencing in the current life since a month, so the past life personality was healed and released, also the inner child was healed.

Attaching the client testimony after one session as her ear swelling and pain had reduced considerably

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  1. I am a 48 yrs old woman, never happy in life except for a loving mom who is no more and all i have is an angel daughter, i have suffered with migraine all my life n same is happening with my daughter. We bith are hard working n don’t want to depend on anybody for help but cannot find success. Pls give advice. Thnx

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