Case Study: Resolving Diabetic Retinopathy

Case Study: Resolving Diabetic Retinopathy

Issue: Retinopathy

Healing Modality used: Family Constellation with Past Life


Dr. Gittanjali Saxena came across a very interesting case while doing a family constellation therapy and decided to share it with all of you

This was the first time in her 15 years of experience of therapy divine master from the fourth realm decided to visit this matrix the first I heard of such a thing happening was a case of Dr. Brian Weiss.

Here is how it goes;

Mrs. Aarti Vyas came to us with an issue of Retinopathy (Damage to the retina of the eyes, which may cause vision impairment) and was looking for a solution for her problem and I decided that family constellation therapy would be the most appropriate for her healing so I decided to introduce three participants each one playing a role of the issue in hand. The first participant had taken up the role of the client, the second participant took up the role of retinopathy in the client’s life and the third participant was retinopathy free.

The first participant sensed loneliness and a lack of space and felt directionless, the second participant was detecting an anxiety and discerned helplessness he had a churning sensation and was sensing a rift in the family (which the client confirmed was true) The third participant is where it gets interesting although she was introduced as freedom from retinopathy she shifted energy from that and become a divine master who acted as her saviour and was there to show her guidance and show her the right path in life and be the steering force in her life

The matrix then shifted to a past life and the past life personality of the client saw himself as a shaman but he was a corrupt shaman who had misused his powers and lured people into inhuman experiments that he conducted where he used to sexually assault women and perform all kind of cruel experiments

As the whole past life was discovered Healing movements were supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in the victims, suggested new and more conscious behaviors, and found healing sentences for the prosecutor to say in order to show remorse and the victims found forgiveness in their hearts,

Finally, a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system was found, where the love between its members could flow again in a new and more conscious way.

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