Past Life Regression: Unlocking Doors to Resolve Issues in Life

Past Life Regression: Unlocking Doors to Resolve Issues in Life

Dr. Gittanjali Saxena has been consistently delivering results and touching lives of people where they are able to move ahead in all the aspects of their lives. Trained under Dr. Brian Weiss, she strongly believes in the power of Karma and hence has been on this journey of spreading Past Life Regression work all over. Below mentioned is a synopsis of a case study of how PLR helps.


Naira in her early 30’s was a successful media executive with beautiful looks where one could say anyone would fall for her looks, talents and skills. But unfortunately, she had a history of failed relationships where one thread was common that she was attracting abusive men in her life. While she was regressed to address the root cause of this issue, it came up that in one of the lives she lured rich men for their wealth and abused them emotionally.


Of course, the scar of this wrongful conduct was pierced into her heart and soul. Hence, in this lifetime she decided to balance her karma and understand what it feels like to be abused. The men in her current life were none other than the ones she abused emotionally in this past life. The necessary forgiveness healing was done under the therapeutic process and all the trauma attached to these memories was released.


It took several sessions for her to overcome the entire impact of this past life and a few more. But at the end, after 8 months, she was able to find true love where there were mutual respect and love from both ends.

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