Finding Inner Confidence through Past Life Regression

Finding Inner Confidence through Past Life Regression

A client came to Dr Gittanjali Saxena with the issue that he was unable to achieve his goals in life and he wanted me to help him understand the reason why he was not able to achieve the goals.

We started a regression session with  the client in which the client regressed an inner child who was very angry and does not want to take support from anyone in the family, as a three year old child the client was experiencing pain in his spinal cord and at the same time the client was feeling numbness in the hands and was also experiencing a headache from there I took the client into a past life where he saw himself in a position of authority in a kings court the client saw himself in an extremely successful position as the minister to the king and enjoying a lot of power the client was the most  trusted and loyal servant to  the king and the king entrusted him with all the important task of the kingdom and one fine day the neighbouring kingdom declared war on his kingdom and the king had to go to war with the neighbouring country  and  the king leaves entrusting all the work to the minister this new found power soon  makes the minister greedy and he starts plotting against the king he conspires with  the soldiers on the battle field to go against the king and kills the king and declares himself the king and then he executes the kings wife and children.

The king who was killed of the past life was the current life father of the client with whom the client does not have a healthy relationship.He always felt that his father never supported him in the current life.

The karmic balance of the life was understood and the client got an understanding that in spite of having all the qualifications yet he was not able to find a job and was not successful in his current life.

This was the clients first session which will be followed by 7 to 8 sessions.

The client called a few days later and he witnessed a new found energy and positivity in him which he had not witnessed before.

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