Resolving Back Pain by Past Life Regression

Resolving Back Pain by Past Life Regression

A client came to Dr Gittanjali on 26th March 2017 with the issue of excruciating back pain since last 10 years, she had visited a lot of doctors but did not find much relief. Dr Gittanjali after consulting the client decided to use Past Life Regression as the tool to help the client.

When the client was regressed she found herself in the year 1936 where she was a freedom fighter in India. There was a lot of headache and back pain which the client felt in the body, in this life she saw that she was caught by the Britisher’s and kept in the prison. She was awarded a death penalty. She saw herself in a ground where she and her fellow mates were chained and taken to be shot dead as the punishment while walking she had fallen down and had hurt the back by the chain tied on the body.  The British soldiers further hit her on the back destroying the back. The client expressed that she had a smile on the face even in the pain. She was proud to experience pain.

The client was taken to lives between lives and was been asked to see the entire life bringing the realization to the soul that it was planned life (Karmic life). The pain was released from the head and back, anger towards the soldiers was also released using healing techniques.

After the release of the pain, the client was feeling better and calm. This would be followed by 2 to 3 more sessions.

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