The Wonders of Holistic Science

The Wonders of Holistic Science

Human race is continuously evolving since ages. We are the only species on Earth which is constantly developing and so as our brains are. But have we ever wondered where is all this knowledge coming in to excel and develop various medicines, understand and experiment with various herbs, produce life-saving chemicals in the form of medicines? Today, we are talking about healing our DNA related diseases, but the question is where is this information about DNA also coming?


We are all somewhere tapping into the Universal Energy which has all the knowledge. We are now ready to seek more information on our DNA, understand it and decode it. Even though science does not consider the validations and experiences of holistic sciences, but it is still a reality. Healing the DNA, repairing the faulty DNA is now a reality in holistic sciences. Theta Healing is one of the modalities which focuses on working with human DNA. Human information is passed on to each other not only in the form of spoken words but also transferred via our DNA. Through generations, there are lots of feelings, emotions which are transferred via our DNA.


Theta Healing helps a person to make the necessary changes in the DNA. Our mind builds a belief system based on four factors, viz our conditioning in the present life, the history of our DNA, the lives we have lived before this current life and the sum total of all our experiences. We live all our lives based on the belief system we build. But, at times these beliefs are limiting beliefs and stop us from moving ahead in life. This applies to our professional lives as well as for our health issues too. There are times when we see that a family has recurring incidents of the same dis-ease in each generation, for instance members from the family are diagnosed with diabetes once they turn 40. This may happen because there is a belief somewhere at the DNA level that everyone in the family gets diabetes after 40. Once this limiting belief is released, the DNA is healed; you’ll see that there are changes in the family reporting about diabetes.


There are a lot of other healing modalities too which are helping the human race to bring about changes in life. We are moving into that Age of the millennium where knowledge is pouring from all sides for our help. Just tapping into this vibration is required. Institute of Holistic Sciences is determined to help people realize their true potential in totality and help them live a life filled with happiness, joy, and abundance. We teach people an array of courses in holistic sciences like Theta Healing, Angel Healing Therapy, Tarot Card Reading and so on. Whatever resonates with the person is their calling.


Learning Theta Healing or any other modality in holistic sciences is an experience of a lifetime in itself. It takes one closer to themselves, understanding their own motives behind actions, getting answers to their questions which were unanswered, also bringing in more clarity in life. The only pre-requisite to learning any modality is open mind and acceptance of whatever is coming your way. Any kind of dis-ease in the body is nothing but an emotional imbalance in the mental body. When this emotional distress is addressed, the physical body automatically starts healing itself. There is a deep connection between our thoughts and our physical body. Thoughts give rise to emotions, emotions, in turn, produce energy and this energy or feeling affects the physical body based on the kind of thought it is. For example, if the thought is a beautiful relaxing holiday which is coming on the way, then the emotions are happy and filled with joy. This, in turn, produces feelings of calm energy and the physical body starts feeling relaxed. Similarly, if the thought, for example, is thinking about the loss you made in your business recently, then the emotions are sad and feeling arises is of depression. Immediately, the physical body starts feeling tired and lethargic.


If one wants to understand the connection between mind and body, then you can try these examples. At one point in time, deeply think about something negative happening in life. Notice the feelings, the kind of physical changes you see in your body as well as your energy levels. Once you’ve completely made a note of it, switch to a very happy thought or some achievement in life. Once again notice the changes in your physical body as well as your energy levels. There is a vast difference one can notice in minutes. Any kind of healing modality takes you closer in noting these differences in life.  Similarly, any kind of DNA changes made will show you the difference in the quality of thoughts. Like, in the above example of diabetes, it is not just the belief that is the cause of diabetes, but it is some kind of deep sorrow and longing for sweetness in life emotionally which is the root cause of diabetes. Once this is released from the DNA, people start loving themselves and their life. The pancreas starts functioning in a normal way producing insulin in the right amount.


Each organ in the human body stores certain emotions. For example, your liver stores anger, whereas kidneys store disappointments, failures, shame & kidney stones are nothing but lumps of anger.  A person who has seen a lot of failures and disappointments in life and has not let go away these emotions is likely to develop kidney problems at some point in life. Once these emotions are released and complete forgiveness is done with self and others, the person will start showing improvements faster and the kidneys will start healing. Each organ in the human body has the power to rejuvenate itself. Everybody on this planet can experience healthiness, given that they are ready to release those negative or unhealthy emotions coming from our past experiences which are no longer required.


Theta Healing is a modality which explores the human body at all levels completely. It strongly makes a connection between our thoughts, emotions and their effects on our body. Very simple and effective techniques can help one understand their own physiology. Another interesting concept in Theta Healing is listening to the sound of your heart. This again makes us understand what the exact state of our heart is at the moment. Whether it is in a painful state or there is a lot of joy, we can very well understand it. Many such techniques can help you become one with yourself again. Healing past lives as well as making changes in the DNA is a reality in Theta Healing. All you need is just to give a conscious permission to your therapist for releasing the limiting beliefs. The therapist here checks and confirms the limiting beliefs by a digging process which takes you to the bottom layer of limiting beliefs. There is a muscle testing technique to confirm the subconscious mind thoughts. Our conscious mind can play games with us, but the subconscious mind is very straight, it does not think. The subconscious mind cannot make up or alter any experiences. Whatever you do can either be pleasurable or painful and the subconscious mind works exactly on this theory. Based on these pleasures and pains, we build up our belief system.


Theta Healing is a wonderful technique to understand this theory. Sometimes, what we say consciously is never the case in our actions. We act just the opposite of the same. And we don’t even do all of this on a conscious level. Once, this is discovered that what is bottom belief which is limiting us to reach our goal, we can release it and replace it with a healthy one. Hence, it is a one-stop solution to all the issues in life. Theta Healing has been miraculous even in cases like cancer, HIV and many more dreadful diseases that mankind is facing today. HIV patients normally have a lot of guilt stored within. This can be any guilt for this life or even any of their past life experiences. Patients have reported a reduction in their symptoms in HIV. Their organs have no damage at all after going through sessions of Theta Healing.


We all have our own experiences in life. We all make our belief system based on our experiences. But, sometimes these beliefs are not healthy. We fail to understand the reasons for our failures in life. But we need to uncover our own life. We need to unlearn and learn new things in life. We need to makes our lives more fulfilling. After all, we all need love and peace in totality. The Universe is right here to help us. All we need is a firm commitment and determination to our own self to make a change and BE THE CHANGE IN LIFE!!

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