The Dance of Karma unleashed with Past Life Regression

The Dance of Karma unleashed with Past Life Regression

Dr. Gittanjali Saxenaa is a Past Life Regressionist trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, New York. She credits the Universe for being a channel to enable people to complete their Karmic cycle.


Past Life Regression Therapy has always helped individuals to realize their true potential and at the same time get in touch with the most innate Karma. Many fears and inhibitions in our day-to-day life are nothing but a metaphor for soul learning.


Rohit came to me with stomach cancer. He was taking the treatment but was not getting the desired results. During Past Life Regression Therapy, he encountered a lifetime where he raped and killed a young pregnant widow. He identified that widow as his current-life wife and the child who died in the womb as his current-life son. During sessions, we resolved many persecutor lives to balance the karmic patterns.


Today, he is much healthier physically as well as his relationship with his wife and son is much more lively, happy and he is completely healed of mind body and soul.

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