How 1947 Partition Is Still Affecting Our Lives.

How 1947 Partition Is Still Affecting Our Lives.

Rishi came to me with an issue of a moribund business, he had been facing this stagnancy issue in his business for the past 6 years, although he had tried a lot of different ways to boost his business by marketing and by changing the staff, change of business strategy as well as a lot of alternative therapies, but none of it seemed to work as he did not see any clients walking in or any form of financial movement in his accounts.


After analyzing his problem I decided to look for the block which had been the reason for the stagnancy in his business.
A family constellation was set up and three representatives were introduced the first representative was of Rishi, the second representative played the role of the block in his business and the third was the representative of the new client.


As we stared the representatives started feeling the energies and were expressing their feeling the block to the business was feeling a strong connection to the representatives of the client whereas the representative of the new clients had no interest in the matrix and was not feeling a connection to the client.


As the matrix unveiled itself the representative of the block zoned into a past life and was seeing himself in Lahore on 13th August 1947, this was at the midst of partition and he was seeing himself fleeing from his home in a train leaving everything behind and they had to start from the beginning, this was later confirmed by the clients mother that they did leave from Lahore and had to leave everything behind and had to settle in Mumbai and had to start over with nothing and that trauma of leaving their homeland created a great deal of stress in their lives, with the intervention of the facilitator it was revealed by the client that he had left his mother’s house 2011 and that trauma of the past life of leaving the homeland got triggeredin this life when the client left his mother’s house and had shifted to a new home.


The representatives were again introduced and the block was diminished the representative of the clients felt more connect with the business and were ready to be a part of the clients business.


As the whole past life was discovered Healing movements were supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in the victims, suggested new and more conscious behaviours, and found healing sentences for the clients to say in order to show remorse and found forgiveness in their hearts.


Finally, a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system was found, where the love between its members could flow again in a new and more conscious way.

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