What is Lama Fera Healing?

What is Lama Fera Healing?

We are living in a world of energy. All living entities such as birds, flowers, trees, and even us people are eventually manifestations of energy. As a result, we can tap on the various healing modalities to heal ourselves and others. The knowledge of harnessing this energy in the environment is essential for optimal and holistic living. In order to understand this, it is important to dive deep into the spectrum of understanding our planes of existence. The 3 planes of existence are the physical plane, astral and spiritual plane. ‘Chi’ Or energy is actually anchored in all these lower bodies and forms our entire body plane – the physical, etheric, mental and emotional. These energy fields are governed by our 7 major chakras of Light. Unless the energy streams flowing through each of this is balanced, in all four bodies, good health and vitality are affected. It is the easy flow of energy in all these 7 major chakras of light that balances out the fire, air, space, water, earth elements in the body across all planes, the male and the female energies, the yin, and the yang. Each of us is susceptible to negative energies and are vulnerable to their consequences if any of these are imbalanced. Hence, purification, healing, sealing of energy is extremely important to sort out any negativity across these planes.



Lama Fera is one such technique that helps us to effectively deal with these imbalances. The word ‘Lama’ means Sadguru, an Enlightened Guru of either Religion or ‘Era’ and ‘Fera’ means the technique of healing. It is a healing system practiced by Tibetan Lamas for centuries to heal all sentient beings on a physical, mental and spiritual plane. This healing modality is a very high power, dynamic technique as it is effective for cleansing the energetic system of all the low vibrations and attracting the positive ones instead. It is also considered as the fastest healing technique used by Buddhist monks in the Himalayas for centuries. This life force is channeled through Lama Fera healer towards the desired person or place. Powerful symbols are drawn by the healer through a crystal wand that adds to the healing power significantly. It has no limitation of time and space.



Lama Fera healing awakens the soul toward its ignorance through the process of being a conduit of spiritual assistance of energies of Lord Buddha, Sangha, and the Dhamma. It is through the realization of the soul that it helps in overcoming this ignorance and releases its own blockage. The reasons for the blockage of these energy streams could vary. It could be either due to psychic attacks, black magic, entity attachments. No matter whatever the reason, each of these has a negative consequence and these negative effects often manifest as ill-health, mental problems, financial blockage and in some cases in form of accidents too.



This dynamic healing modality can help you reach deep within and effectively ease out the suppressed or accumulated toxins of the body and mind and detoxify at all levels – the physical, mental, emotional. This process thus helps in negating not only the effects of the black spell, entities but also dissolve karmic blockages bringing the body into harmony.

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