Vastu Shastra Tips: Bringing Prosperity in your Home.

Vastu Shastra Tips: Bringing Prosperity in your Home.

House hunting can be stressful, because there are so many things to keep in mind like price, surroundings, size and amenities, and in keeping track of all that we tend to get distracted and not miss out on the features of the home and its location that could cause trouble. Your dream home may come with some vastu defects.

The one thing to keep in mind is how the site & surrounding makes you feel. We are naturally attracted to the premises that have good energy, not just a good architecture, but also positive feeling. Whether you know about vastu or not it is our natural instinct to go by a feeling.

But projects with good energy attract more buyers with little efforts so they are less likely to be on the market for a long period.

1) According to Statistics, 25 to 30% of new projects without using vastu have a chance of being fairly good.  The rest usually have some kind of problem which can be detected by a Vastu Expert during the process of making a layout of the building or during the internal planning of each unit.

2) Always inquire about the history of the previous occupants. If they were successful and moved to a bigger or prosperous location that is always a good sign. If they did badly, had frequent illnesses or financial problems, then more than likely there is a carry forward of problems to you according to vastu. And if it is left uncorrected it will likely affect you adversely as well.

3) When a property has been vacant for a long time it’s usually an indication that something is wrong with its energy and whatever had caused the problems for the previous owner is more than likely going to affect you in a similar manner. Space clearing is necessary at such locations.

4) “Can any premises be corrected?”

All man-made construction can be corrected, and some corrections can just be symbolic and most require little or more structural changes. Vastu Shastra offers many remedies and alternatives to make your house or business premises vastu proof.

Get Vastu Shastra for house or office and see significant changes in your personal and professional life. Finding a good vastu consultant in Mumbai? Look no further and Contact us today.

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