Time Ti Take Control of Your Life with PLR

Time Ti Take Control of Your Life with PLR

Dr Geetanjali trained by Dr Brian Weiss (author of “Many lives, Many Masters) uses the art of regression to bring about phenomenal shifts in her client’s lives.


Yashasvi came to me with her inability to take control of anything in her life and was not able to hold a job and therefore had a lot of financial issues, and wanted me to do a regression session in order to figure out this problem in her life.


In the first session, she regressed to a life where she was a pastor of a recreational cult.


She was a fraud who gave innocent people false hopes and dreams and ended up looting them of all their wealth.


Her persuasion techniques were quite impressive and she successfully fooled more than 8 thousand people to join her cult.


Although she died without consequences of her scam, her guilt carried on with her soul for cheating thousands of people.


In that session she was asked to apologize to each and every one and following a few sessions she saw phenomenal shifts in her life.


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