Resolving Migraine issues with Past Life Regression

Resolving Migraine issues with Past Life Regression

Dr Geetanjali trained under Dr Brian Weiss author of many lives many masters


Sapna was suffering from migraine for the past 15years and came to me for regression therapy


I started a regression session and Sapna regressed to a past life in Victorian England during World War 1.


In this life she was a scientist and was an MI6, the highest level of military intelligence and was responsible for the death of millions of civilians of his own country, due to diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.


This guilt of the past life had held on to this life creating migraine.


With regression therapy, she was asked to remove all her guilt and was made to apologise to each and every one.


This was followed by a few sessions and Sapna claimed she was starting to get rid of her migraine attacks.


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