Asthma and Past Life Regression Case Study

Asthma and Past Life Regression Case Study

Dr Geetanjali Saxena trained under Dr Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters) uses past life therapy to bring about phenomenal shifts in her clients’ lives.


Seeta was having health issues since 5 years and had gained 10kgs and had developed an asthmatic problem.


I decided to take her into a Past life regression and she regressed to a life where she saw herself in a village which was burned to ashes resulting in her death by attackers, Anger towards those attackers was released during the session.


In the second session, she regressed to life where she was the queen and had poisoned her husband in order to take control of the kingdom, under her reign, the people of the kingdom starved to death, because of her fallacies.


All her guilt had to be released from that life and she was made to apologize in order to do so.


After a few months, Seeta saw remarkable changes in her health.

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