Resolving Chronic Scoliosis with Past Life Regression

Resolving Chronic Scoliosis with Past Life Regression

Dr Geetanjali trained by Dr Brian Weiss (author of “Many lives, Many Masters) uses the art of regression to bring about phenomenal shifts in her clients lives.



Rishi came to me with his problem of scoliosis which she had developed due to her prolonged hours working on a desk.


This impounding pain of scoliosis was becoming unbearable for her and he came to me for a past life regression therapy


I started a regression session in which she regressed to a life where she is in a women’s womb, who is having second thoughts about having a baby and is planning to abort the child.


In the womb rishi felt extreme fear he felt his head was clamping, forceps were clamping his head and neck, and his spine was being twisted and pulled.


The brutality on the spine in the past life was triggered in this life, causing unbearable scoliosis


This was resolved with realization for the fetus and was asked to forgive her birth mother of that time.


Later Rishi confessed she felt relieved and was much more relaxed.


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