Resolving Social Anxiety with Family Constellation

Resolving Social Anxiety with Family Constellation

Mahashri came to me with her fear of speaking in public and not being able to socialize at events and having constant anxiety with everyday social interactions causing irrational anxiety, fear, self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Gatherings as well as meetings would cause this anxiety and it was interfering with her professional as well as her personal life as at work she could give a presentation or hold pitches for clients which led her to lose out on big accounts, and in her personal life she could not speak up in front of her husband.

This was a classic case of Social anxiety and I decided to use family constellation as a modality to find out the underlying cause and the related karma which triggered this problem in Mahashri.

As we started the session two representatives were selected to play out the role of Mahashri, her anxiety.

As the matrix unveiled we figured that in this life this anxiety was triggered when her mom used to constantly embarrass her as a child by yelling at her in public.

This incident was connected to a past life incident where the current life mahashri was a very wealthy man in a small town and was also the mayor as well as the most respected man of that town and the mother in the current life was the past life’s wife of the wealthy man

Although the wealthy man would provide everything to his wife the one thing he did was respect as he would constantly humiliate her in public gatherings and make fun of her in front of their friends and would treat her as an object more than women.

This rage of the past life of the wife converted into the humiliation of her own child as a karmic payback to mahashri who did the same thing to her wife in the past.

As the whole past life was discovered Healing movements were supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in the victims, suggested new and more conscious behaviours, and found healing sentences for the prosecutor to say in order to show remorse and the victims found forgiveness in their hearts.

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