Resolving Prostate Issues with Past Life Regression

Resolving Prostate Issues with Past Life Regression

Dr. Geetanjali trained by Dr. Brian Weiss (author of “Many Lives, Many Masters) uses the art of regression to bring about phenomenal shifts in her client’s lives.


Krish came to me with an issue of Prostate Issues and asked me to do a PLR therapy.


In the 1st session, Krish regressed to a past life where he saw himself as a notorious prince and was known to kidnap and rape every woman he had his eyes on and used to leave girls to die once he was done with them.


The king came to know of his son’s activities and decided to castrate him in order to punish him, the prince decided to rebel against his own father and take over the kingdom by killing him.


The prince declared war, but was defeated and then the king handed him over to the public to stone him to death.


This traumatic experience was released by making him apologize to each and everyone he had done injustice to.


This was followed by some for more session and, Krish saw a progress in his sex life.

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