Case Study – Three Year Old Inner Child

Case Study – Three Year Old Inner Child


RIA came to a Family Constellation session saying that she had done a lot of personal development and coaching in the past but had not been able to change a sabotage pattern that meant that she was not seen or recognised for her work.


A family Constellation was set up and two representatives were introduced 1 playing the role of RIA and the other playing the role of the sabotage pattern.

As the matrix was introduced the representative of RIA was feeling heavy in the head and reported a churning in her stomach, the representative of the sabotage pattern reported rage and helplessness

Digging further we found that the representative of the sabotage pattern was a three year old inner child of RIA.

We asked the representative to reveal why was he stuck at that age, he reported that at three he was a part of a car accident that lead to her father’s death and this incident of helplessness of the three year old child who although willing was not able to help her father due to physical constraints and the rage was on herself as the child blamed itself for the accident as if she wouldn’t have created havoc in the car her father would not have been distracted and the accident would have never happened.

After this story unveiled it was confirmed by the client about the accident that took place when she was three years old and therefore we decide to move further.

The three year old inner child was quite stubborn and was not ready to let go, so Dr. Geetanjali decided to introduce the father and the mother who made the inner child realize that it was in no way her fault and that she should not blame herself for the incident as well as that she was just a child and could not do anything to help her father.

This acceptance leads to a shift in the matrix and the inner child was finally relieved and the representative of the sabotage pattern felt disappearance and decided he doesn’t have a role in this matrix and left.


As the whole past life was discovered Healing movements were supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in the victims, suggested new and more conscious behaviours, and found healing sentences for the clients to say in order to show remorse and found forgiveness in their hearts.

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