Case Study for Inner Child

Case Study for Inner Child

Recently I was in Chennai and I worked on a client who had severe back pain. She had gone through all the medical procedures to figure out the reason for this pain. The reports showed that her spine was in perfect condition with no displacements or degeneration. Yet this client had pain and was suffering. She had tried ayurvedic as well as physiotherapy to relieve this pain but was unsuccessful.

During the session, she regressed to the age of 9 years. It was discovered that she was abused by her brother from the age of 9 till the age of 21 years repeatedly. This inner child of 9 developed an angry personality and was angry at her brother and her mother as she didn’t do anything to protect her. She felt helpless and dominated throughout these years. This resulted in the back pain. She was unable to get relief because she and her brother were partners in the family business and she continued to feel angry, helpless and dominated.

After 2-3 follow up sessions of inner child therapy the client reported relief from the pain and only 10% pain remained. The relief she has from this pain has motivated her to follow up with more sessions.

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