Case of Strong Depression

Case of Strong Depression

The client Amber contacted Dr. Gittanjali Saxena to help her out as she was suffering from extreme highs and lows in her life. She was unable to have a grip on herself and things around her.

Amber complained about feeling choked and having an extremely chaotic state of mind. It was as if she was disconnected and disinterested with everything around her. She would just want to lock herself in the room and have no interaction even with her own family members.

Dr. Gittanjali with her expertise probed the matrix and asked her to regress to an age where things were more joyful and happy for her. This is when Amber regressed to the age of 3. However, this joyfulness was short lived as she started to see the elephants flapping his ears right onto her face and felt like coiled snakes right inside her stomach. These were nothing but metaphors of fears. There was a lot of fear stored inside of her and this fear seemed to be dictating her thought process in every possible way.

On further investigation, the matrix revealed that she as a child had witnessed her aunt and uncle in a physically intimate position. This somewhere seemed to have made an unhealthy impression on her mind.

In order to resolve this, Amber’s mother and father were introduced into the matrix. However, Amber ’s delusion was so high that she was unable to see them and acknowledge them as her parents. She had no sense of belonging to them or the family. With this fear and void within, she began identifying with an ancestor and subconsciously was imbibing her (the ancestor’s) traits.

So, in order to resolve this, the ancestor was introduced in the matrix. Amber was highly drawn to this ancestor to an extent that she revered her immensely. The crux of the matter was this ancestor was a victim of child marriage and was a widow at an early age. She was possibly a case of ‘Sati’ practices that was once a very normal phenomenon in India back then. She was identifying along with the sexual issues of the ancestor and subconsciously looking at dying a virgin. This is also one of the reasons for Amber not getting married this lifetime.

Eventually, the identification of Amber with this ancestor was acknowledged and dissolved holistically. Further, the bond between Amber and her mother was ultimately established.  

The matrix further revealed that the ancestor was actually raped at the age of 7 and it was because of this repeated abuse that the ancestor had lost her mental stability in that lifetime. The persecutor of that life was Amber’s current life uncle. All of these instances at the subconscious level created a web and triggered the hallucinations that Amber was facing in her current life.

On holistically releasing all the energies in the matrix, Amber felt more relaxed and energetic.

Sometimes when you strongly associate with certain images especially at a very young age, you may start hallucinating. You don’t see the things in absolute reality but a parallel reality of your mind. Family constellation can help in tapping into unhealthy events of life which are responsible for creating such illusional realities. Such issues can be holistically resolved at a deeper dimension of life.

Currently, Amber is in a better state of mind and is more joyful than before.

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