Blocks to your success can be surprising!

Blocks to your success can be surprising!

About the Client: The client Rajdakshyais a very ambitious person and is currently running multiple businesses. He approached Dr Gittanjali to understand and resolves the blocks that are not allowing him to achieve his goals in his businesses.

Resolution: The matrix was setup with energies of the client Rajdakshya and his goals that he wished to achieve.

Within the matrix, Rajdakshya felt he is constantly looking at the sky; he wants to reach out to the sky. However, he was caught in the flight of his own imagination. The energies of the goal were trying to reach him and surprisingly Rajdakshya had closed himself to receiving them.

The matrix revealed that there was a lot of fear in seeing the reality and there was an intense denial to acknowledge this fear. So, he then found his comfort zone in that fantasy world. On peeling the layers, an unhealed inner child at the age of 12 surfaced up that felt rejected. On addressing and releasing this rejection the child moved to the age of 22 and this was revealing something much deeper that looked liked the crux of the issue.

Rajdakshya had a beautiful relationship with his then-girlfriend Suprita. There was an unconditional acceptance of each other. There was no malice in their intentions. Their compatibility with each other was amazing to look forward to. They made each other feel comfortable in their own skin just the way they were. It was like growing up together in love. Suprita loved Rajdakshya from bottom of her heart. But Rajdakshya seemed to be more naïve in understanding that he too felt the same for her.

With the kind of childhood Rajdakshya had, he was scared of love and being loved. After sharing this beautiful relationship, it made him feel complete. Suprita moved on to settle down with someone else as Rajdakshya failed to give any kind of commitment to her at that stage of his life.

In order to cope up with his own guilt of denying her, he portrayed to himself that he was rejected. Even though he moved on and married another woman down the line, a part of him is still in search of this love.

Suprita was introduced in the matrix and as he asked her for forgiveness, she only wished him the very best in all his endeavours. Since the emotions had deeply impacted Rajdakshya, catharsis was carried out and the concern was resolved holistically across dimensions.


Conclusion: All aspects of one’s life are interconnected in a mysterious way and one never knows which unhealed part could get triggered. Even though the concern here was about the success and growth of the client’s business, it was guilt and rejection in his personal life that was blocking his achievements.

Love and forgiveness are tremendously powerful emotions and it was beautiful to witness them amalgamate to dissolve strong guilt and fear. This was indeed a beautiful constellation to witness.

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