Marriage & Family Constellation

Marriage & Family Constellation

A client came to me who was 38 years old and not yet married for a tarot card reading session, she was very troubled with her unmarried status because her parents had passed away and her sister in law and brother were creating problems.

I immediately felt a connection with the client and I suggested she try family constellation.

The client was attractive and didn’t look her age, was educated and earning well, yet had this problem.I felt that her issue pointed out to some pain in the family system which was unexpressed.

So I introduced three elements:

One was the client, Ms Agarwal.

The second element was representing the family pain and the third was her symptoms of her not getting married.

The participant of the family pain felt intense pain and hatred and had a lot of rage towards the mother it was later revealed by the client that her mother was forced to get married and was not able to achieve her goals so all this was being done by the client who was fulfilling aspirations of her mother.

After resolving this the element of the family pain said that the client was not responsible enough and will not be able to take the responsibility of her married life, this shocked the client as the client was taking the responsibility of her family of origin from a very young age it was later revealed that her own brother was not working and hence did not want his sister to get married.

This issue was resolved and the fourth element was introduced as the future partner of the client.

The client and the groom felt a connection and moved towards each other.

Truth statements were spoken and the client accepted the healing energies of the matrix.

This will be followed by some more constellations for the client to enable to move towards marriage.

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