Love, Relationship & Past Life Regression

Love, Relationship & Past Life Regression

Shweta, 33 was a wonderful human being with lots of friends around. She was a happy-go-lucky woman with an extremely successful professional life. Materialistically she was very well settled. She had a loving and caring family too. But the biggest issue she was facing was a stable relationship in her life. She dated many men, in fact, was in wedlock for a year, but then got divorced. All the men she attracted in her life were either using her to move ahead professionally or they wanted to use her physically. She never felt that she is mentally and emotionally stable with any of those men.

She came to me with this issue of not having a loving and stable relationship. In the first two sessions, we went back in her life towards her childhood and found that as a child she frequently saw her parents and even uncle and aunty constantly fighting. There were even instances where she saw her father hitting her mother physically. Shweta always saw her mom in great mental trauma, even though her parents loved her a lot. She always felt, rather believed subconsciously that men always use women. We cleared all these beliefs, traumas and fears she was living with.

But still, there was a lot to be discovered. We took her into a past life regression session. The first life she saw was in ancient Greece as a poor girl without her father. To make her ends meet, she would just work for other people doing odd jobs like cleaning and grazing their sheep. When she turned 19, she met this man while working and fell in love with him. She was exceptionally beautiful in that life. She got married to this guy and lived happily with him for some months. As we progressed further, she saw that her husband wasn’t working at all. She had a son and had to feed him. Because she had to take care of her son of a few months, she could not go out to work. And her husband was doing nothing but just wasting his time earning no money. He forced her into prostitution to make quick bucks. Shweta was traumatized by the way her husband treated her and all the men who treated her like objects. We progressed to the time of her death where she was feeling that her life was worthless. She had a strong feeling that men can never support emotionally or mentally, but just use women to get their work out.

We released all these feelings and beliefs and rephrased her life with positive affirmations and feelings about relationships. A year later, she came to see me & this time it was with a wedding card to invite me to her wedding. It has been three years, and she is happily living with her husband feeling cared for, nurtured & loved.

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