My First Covid -19 case

My First Covid -19 case

In midst of this global pandemic an unfortunate turn of events led to a client’s son, Gaurav being detected with COVID -19, Gaurav is an NRI residing in the United kingdom, his mother who was here in India immediately contacted me as she got the news that he is detected and is currently being treated.

In order to practice social distancing and for the safety of my clients and healing participants all our sessions are being held on Zoom (An online video conferencing application)

As the client’s mother Sujata, myself and my healing representatives convened together on zoom to use Integrated Constellation Therapy as a medium to heal.

Two representative’s were introduced one of Gaurav and one of the COVID -19 respectively,

The first representative who took up Gaurav’s expressed that he felt extreme pain, suffocation and a lots of heat in the lungs and also felt queasiness in his stomach and his joints were paining and felt heaviness in the eyes

The second representative who took up the COVID-19’s energy present in gaurav expressed that it was feeling caged and wants freedom and wanted to go out,

The energy also claimed it had two beliefs :

  1. I feel like giving up
    2. Happiness comes with grief

These two beliefs were treated and untangled with theta healing.

The participants playing gaurav expressed that it felt divided, a part of him felt like giving up and felt a lot of confusion, the representative was asked to focus on the part that felt a lot of confusion and wanted to give up was dissociated and it led to a past life.

In the past life, the representative of gaurav saw itself as an commander in a great army who was known for his just ways and impeccable fighting skills, in one such instance his army stopped by a village to take a break from their journey to the kingdom and was insulted by one of the locals, this insult hurt his EGO and in a wrath of fury he burned and killed every living thing in that village, leaving the man who insulted him all alone,the man lived for the next 7-8 years in isolation and suffocated to death.

He died cursing the commander (current life Gaurav).

As this past life revealed itself and with the intervention of the facilitator and the divine energy truth statements were spoken and energy of the negative karma was disassociated.

The client’s representative immediately felt better and the energy of the coronavirus felt weak.I have advised Gaurav’s mother Sujata to not lose hope and to facilitate the treatments given by the doctors, do one session everyday until he is cured.

Watch this space for updates on this case.

P.s – Avoid healers who tell you that they can cure you. No reputable healer should make this claim. Holistic healing practices are complementary to conventional care and a key part of integrative healthcare.

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