Kidney Problems and Family Constellation

Kidney Problems and Family Constellation

Case Study of Family Constellation

Hitishah came to Dr Geetanjali for a tarot reading after her Laparoscopy done at Mumbai’s reputed hospital.

The side effects of the operation as she was unable to pass urine therefore a catheter was inserted but still, the regular flow of urine did not start.

She came for tarot guidance and the issue was actually with kidneys. I immediately guided her to do the German Method of Family Constellation in which the cause of the client’s disease is linked to ancestors and certain unresolved trauma which can go back many generations.

In the first constellation, I introduced the client, urinary bladder and normal flow of urine. The result came out as she felt impure, unloved and also she was not a forgiving person. The final issue was fear of being independent and moving ahead in life. It was also revealed in the FC was that her mother had an abortion before the birth of the client which transpired into guilt, hence passed through the client.

She herself had a sexual relationship before marriage and because of strong religious traditions and values, she underwent tremendous sexual guilt. This was the main reason for the urinary problem.

After the first constellation the next day the catheter was removed and after the fifth constellation therapy kidney is in recovery.

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