Anxiety Disease and Theta

Anxiety Disease and Theta


I was approached by Deepika with two chief complaints. The first complaint was her anxiety about her success in her new restaurant. The second complaint was her Crohn’s disease (An autoimmune diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks the intestines, resulting in intestinal inflammation, abdominal pain and bleeding).

I am going to combine three sessions into this case study that are very telling about how the body thinks it is working perfectly for us and how we carry programs, fears, limiting beliefs, and blocks in our electromagnetic energy field across lifetimes that determine our everyday reality.

With permission, I asked Deepika if I could do a body scan. Creator immediately showed me a past life.

Where Deepika was a man who was an unsuccessful and over-ambitious restaurateur, who had tried multiple times to open a successful Burger Joint, all while sinking all his savings and leasing his house which he had lost to the bank to pay off his debts

With further questioning, I found out that Deepika was given the restaurant as an heirloom after her father’s death and had to run it, even though she had no interest in running the business, and wanted hand over management to her brother residing in America.

This was the first aspect of how the Crohn’s disease was serving her. Deepika was petrified of running the restaurant after her past life experiences. Her body helped her in a miraculous way to avoid having to run the restaurant.

As a theta healing practitioner, I pulled all of the shock, trauma, fear, vowels, oaths, and commitments associated with that life – that was no longer serving her and sent them to creator’s white light to be transcended and resolved.

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