Healing of Lupus Erthematosus through Integrated Family Constellation

Healing of Lupus Erthematosus through Integrated Family Constellation

Family constellation shed light to the internal dynamics of the clients subconscious mind and family lineage

When I particularly work with Illness I trace the clients transgeneratinal family dynamics in order to heal the client of disease

Once I was working with client having lupus Erythematosus which is a auto immune disease ..

In the case of autoimmune disease I focus on the theme of the client rejecting one of the parent case it is not the client rejecting their parent then the client is entangled in the ancestral rejection .. which the client would be unaware about …The symptoms of lupus is causing inflammation of the joints ..and painful swelling in the legs and body

I asked the client to choose two representatives one for self and one for the illness ..

The constellation brought light to the fact the clients grandmother had run away from her house and got married . Her father did not bless the union and was feeling extremely bitter

Truth statements were spoken and catharsis was done ..

The client recieved the blessing of the great grandfather and the moment he did that the representative of the illness could leave …

This clearly indicates that Health issues have a direct connection with excluded family members or repressed events in the ancestral lineage

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