How can Vastu Shastra Consultant help you in House Hunting?

How can Vastu Shastra Consultant help you in House Hunting?

A Case Study:

Rajshri came to me to help her find a vastu compliant house in Mumbai, She had been eyeing a few projects and insisted me to visit the location with her. The project was a huge complex with the all modern & world class amenities. The dowsing of the site indicated a greater amount of positive power at the location.

As the project was a sea facing property in Juhu, It was a very difficult task for the selection, as every apartment was having a closer view of the water body.

We have analysed the layout based on the following tenets:-

Location of water body: the correct location of water brings prosperity and positive flow of energy. It helps to energize the cosmic flow of vibrations entering the house. Therefore selecting a correct location was key. Location of Main Door:-Second consideration was the main door which should be always in positive zone according to vastu. The position of the main door is an integral part of choosing a house and therefore one of her criteria to select the house was the position of the main door.

The flow of magnetic forces: Flow of magnetic forces also need to be considered while making a buying decision. The earth magnetic forces flow from the north to south direction. We always recommend property with a longer North-south axis.

Allocation of Bedrooms: The Southwest portion of the house is meant for the bedroom for adults. It may be located in the South and will be congenial for comfortable living. Master bedroom should be in the South-western portion of the house. Allocations of bedrooms depending on the FAMILY STRUCTURE .e.g. children’s bedroom is good in northeast.

Till the age of twelve years after that, the children’s bedroom should be in the northeast so they won’t have difficulty in studies. There were a few minor correction/shifting required during the interior planning

We have to always view the plan from point of view of the modification/correction at the design stage. Internal placement in the kitchen, Allocation of bedrooms based on activities, Bed location, Furniture planning’s, mirror & gadgets placement etc. Should always possible to incorporate in the new house.

We were able to help our client to decide on Vastu complaint home with the best feature available for his benefit. Some minor remedies were required as some placements cannot be shifted due to plumbing system was difficult to shift.

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