How Beneficial is Past-life Regression Therapy?

How Beneficial is Past-life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy helps resolve issues, behaviour, habit or belief that originated from a reaction to something that may have happened earlier in this life or even before this life. It can bring relief from conditions such as phobias and deep-seated behavioural issues. PLR helps us get to the root cause of certain problem and bring about deep and lasting change.

Example of a Past life Regression therapy in Mumbai


A client came to me with symptoms of severe Respiratory issues, the client told me she had been to many doctors to seek their help. they found nothing organically wrong with her, she said these made her feel “trapped.” I received additional history about her family, her husband and the childbirth, none of which sounded suspicious regarding the Respiratory issues.


I put her under regression. She went into a past lifetime around the early 1800s. And suddenly started to cry. She said her father had raped her after her mother past away. She became pregnant, feeling “trapped” and ashamed. Through breath work and visualization I had her release the feeling of being “trapped” and the deep shame she carried. She was 12 years old when this happened. I took her to find a guide in the spiritual dimension so we could ask some questions. When she found her guide we asked how that life affected her respiratory issues in this life. We were told that the breathlessness she felt when she was being raped were trapped in her body‘s cellular memory which was triggered in this life.


My client called several months after our session to inform me that respiratory issues had disappeared but not fully she still used to felt shortness of breath on some anxiety filled situations. When we asked her guide how many lifetimes does she need to release from to clear the issues, we were told 3 more. My client can now function as a mother and wife, without feeling ‘trapped”. She will be coming to me to do the other 3 lifetimes so we can clear all of her respiratory issues.

Now you can be a part of our sessions of past life regression online with Dr. Geetanjali Saxena.

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