Astrology – One solution of all problems in life?

Astrology – One solution of all problems in life?

One should definitely believe in astrology predictions for solving the problems of life. Anytime something bad is happening to you then the first thing we do is consult to an astrologer in order to figure out whether there is a better solution to come out from the bad period of our life.

All of us know Life is precious and we need to take care of it. In my opinion, I will say that in the galaxy there is something in the planets and other celestial bodies which have great influence on our life. This is simplest explanation to the concept of Astrology. One should know that when misfortune happens in our lives at that time we should be more careful about our lives and we should immediately consult astrology specialist.

It’s one’s opinion. Like according to me, I believe in astrology to solve my problems because sometimes the thought that future can mislead us and Believing in oneself and choosing the right path using astrology will determine the way to solve the problems.

In today’s world nobody can escape from troubles. Everyone has their own problems like love problem, business problem, career problem, financial problem, husband wife problem etc. and that all kind of complexities of life can be removed from your life with the help of astrologers.

Sometimes due to movement of stars some people may face many troubles in their life. Sometime we may face unpredictable results or harm and when we try to determine the actual reason behind it then we find many kinds of dangerous reason.

An astrologer acquire power from tantra vidhya and get their mantra for different kinds of problems and help those peoples who are really in trouble. In the below case study we discuss some solutions for some problems provided by astrologers through astrology services.

Satish Nehra consulted me regarding his Business. He was quite worried; quite obviously, as he had invested a lot of money into his new start up and  there were no signs of revenue generating clients.

For Satish’s case I decided to use horary techniques. In my experience for questions related to Business and investments, Horary is the best way to go. As Birth chart often fails to pin point incidences happening in one’s life. Horary chart is magnifies certain period in one’s life to see events that usually can’t be revealed through birth chart.

As I studied the charts, Transits confirmed and I have no doubts that there are pretty high chances of Satish’s Start-up could see an uproar in revenue also an international funding between the periods of- 13 September to 23 September 2018.

Well, it is technically possible to find the extract date within this already narrowed down time frame but for this type of queries it would be rather an over-kill!

“Satish was sceptical as he was burning money every day just to keep his business floating and wouldn’t be able to keep running on a loss for three more months, But the charts seemed to be quite promising. I asked him to wait till September 2018 you will see a significant uproar I am sure about this, dead sure I would rather say” Satish looked pretty upset, obviously because he wanted a quick turnaround but according to my prediction he needs to wait much longer than his expectations. But somehow he composed herself and said “Are you sure, because in the past several Astrologers kept me telling dates after dates, and if there was any merit in what they said” I assured Satish, Astrology is science of probabilities, it just tells the possibilities, and there are lot of other things that finally end in manifesting an event. Keep trying, that is what we have in our hands.

Satish’s next visit to me was in November 2018, broad smile on his face and bubbling enthusiasm was a clear indication that there is good news. His company was funded by an international hedge fund and was on his way to one of India’s Successful Unicorn Start-ups.

The kinds of problems we discuss in this article are the major problem of life which may be arises due to bad positions of stars in horoscope which can be easily solved through astrology.

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