Get back the control of your life back in your hands

Get back the control of your life back in your hands

With every passing day, human life is becoming more stressful. The stress levels are increasing on professional as well as personal front. Every time a situation arises, it saps us of a certain quantum of energy and along with it the motivation to resolve it. The stress levels increase further when you find that you are helpless against it or are unable to take charge of the situation and improve it. In such situations, online astrology consultation or Theta Healing Therapy (THT) comes to the rescue where advice can be sought from an expert to alleviate the situation.

For a long time, the ancient Indian culture has believed that celestial bodies have a profound and deep impact on us humans. This led to the development of the science of Astrology which could predict some of the future occurrences in your lives and help you to be better prepared to manage them when such a situation arose. However, in astrology, the quality of advice is very person dependent. The person advising must have the experience, the necessary expertise, and knowledge of astrology to advise you correctly. With time, technology was introduced and today online astrology consultations are quite popular. Unlike earlier, online consultation eliminated the need for both the advisor and the seeker to be present in one place.

Similar to astrology, the Theta Healing Therapy technique believes that one can predict the real cause of physical or mental discomfort by studying the Theta waves emitted by the body. The expert can help in slowing down the Theta wave pattern of the seeker and thus study the real cause of discomfort. Suitable solutions can then be deployed to alleviate the seeker out of such situations.

Unfortunately, both techniques are highly person dependent. The quality and knowledge of the practicing expert greatly determine the degree of success in these techniques. Dr. Geetanjali Saxena of the Institute of Holistic Sciences, Mumbai is one such renowned expert in online astrology consultation as well as in Theta Healing Therapy. With close to two decades of experience, she has been providing her clients with a much needed healing touch and advising them to successfully overcome difficult situations in life.

So the next time you feel that your life is in the midst of a crisis over which you have no control or are facing some mental or health problem whose origin or occurrence remains unexplained then it is time for you to approach Dr. Saxena to get control back in your hands.

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