Hypnosis for Weight-loss: A successful approach

Hypnosis for Weight-loss: A successful approach

Most people go to great lengths to lose unwanted extra weight and become fit and active. More than losing weight, a weight-loss activity is more about gaining confidence! Unfortunately, it is often seen that the moment they stop their weight loss regimen, people tend to regain their lost weight thus negating the benefits gathered after months of effort. However, any weight-loss regimen that does not take the help of one’s will-power is destined to fail. Hence, it is important to develop stronger willpower to continue with the principles of a weight-loss program during and even after completing it. Thus, if such efforts are supplemented with a hypnosis workshop, then one may experience far superior and long-lasting effects. Hypnosis for weight loss is one of the latest techniques that are
becoming very popular across the world.

To know how hypnosis for weight-loss works, it is important to understand hypnosis first. The science of hypnosis is as old as medical science. Unfortunately, in ancient times it was considered an occult science since there was no scientific evidence available. However, in the 19th century, an English Physician named James Braid formally studied it and for the first time named it ” Hypnosis” (Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep).

In a hypnosis workshop, the hypnosis expert makes the subject patient go into a hypnotic state. Here, the subject responds only to the expert’s calls and tends to ignore all other stimuli present in the environment around him/her. In simple terms, under a hypnotic state, the subconscious mind of the person takes over and responds only to the expert who has hypnotized him/her. By doing this, the expert can make amends in the behavior of the person and help him/her to overcome the shortcomings.

For example, when it comes to applications of hypnosis for weight-loss, the expert can make the subject’s will-power strong enough such that it can either help him/her to stay strong on the resolve to continue the weight-loss regimen and/or not fall prey to any temptations to stray against the set regimen, even after the program is complete.

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena of the Institute of Holistic Science, Mumbai is an internationally known hypnotic expert and regularly conducts hypnosis for weight loss workshops. In such hypnosis workshops, she helps individuals strong in their minds to achieve their set goals. So, if you have failed multiple times in achieving your weight-loss targets, then it is time for you to visit her and succeed in your quest.

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