Who Is The Best Tarot Card Reader In Mumbai?

Who Is The Best Tarot Card Reader In Mumbai?

This following example has been written by one of our students having undertaken our Professional tarot reading workshop (December edition)


Case study of: Client – Female – Age 28

Time to complete full reading – 1/2 hour


Having explained that I had been studying the Tarot cards for only a month now. I explained that the reading was to be used as a guide only.



I decided to use the Celtic Cross Spread as it can tell you a lot of information about many aspects of the clients’ life. It also tells you about inner emotions which I find really helpful for clients helping them to open up to their feelings and recognise then.


My cards were ready mixed with all of the Major and Minor Arcana included. I asked Client to shuffle the cards.

The following is what the cards revealed to me and how I informed the client.


Client was very positive about her reading and said that it had raised some things that she was dealing with internally and hearing them spoken out loud has helped her to put some things into perspective and think about what actions she might take to change a situation.

She thanked me for the reading and said that she would like to come back in the future, I suggested that she wait at least 3 months to allow her to take in the reading today and allow time for reflection.


Many tarot students who have studied with Dr Geetanjali and have gone on to become professional tarot readers both in person and offering online readings.

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