The Best Past Life Regression Therapists in Mumbai

The Best Past Life Regression Therapists in Mumbai

Have you ever had the uncanny sense that you’ve lived before? Or, maybe you’ve heard amazing past lives stories about people who have recovered memories from a previous existence?


If so, you’ve probably wondered about the idea of rebirth and wondered how you might be able to learn about your own.


This is long enough to give us good reason to believe that there’s something to the idea. These memories can have a powerful subconscious influence on our desires, needs, and responses to things in our world.


Experts who study past lives often believe that it is our cellular memory that stores data about our previous selves.


Rather, the body itself can hold memories. Also, let’s consider the key physical, mental and emotional signs that you’ve had previous lives.



In a nutshell, the theory of cellular memory suggests that it isn’t only the brain that is capable of storing and recalling experiences. Simply sitting and reflecting is unlikely to allow us to tap into our cellular memory, but other methods can.



That’s why we need to take a different approach in order to access this information. But how can you investigate your soul’s history in a sound, thorough way that helps you distinguish between memory and mere imagination?


If you want to understand past lives and figure out whether you’ve had one (or even how many you’ve had), it’s well worth learning about the concept of cellular memory.


In this guide, we’ll explore the nature of this special kind of memory. The concept of a past life and cellular memory has been around for at least 3,000 years.


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