What you reject is what you encourage

What you reject is what you encourage

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena trained under Dr. Brain Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters), uses her proficiency in Past Life Regression Therapy to bring about transformative results beyond clearing the surfaced symptoms and integrating it in the consciousness. Mr. Mohit approached with an issue of depression and strained relationship with his wife Vishakha, after the news of her pregnancy. This was strange as it was long awaited.

Mohit regressed to a past life where he lost his father in a car crash just 5 days before he was born. In extreme grief and anger towards her alcoholic and abusive husband, Mohit’s mother could never build a positive image of his father in his eyes. All these stored emotions were triggered on the news of Vishakha’s pregnancy causing strained relationship.

It was out of loyalty towards his mother that Mohit was subconsciously rejecting his fatherhood. All the unhealthy beliefs were realized across multiple sessions. In a few days’ times, Mohit reported feeling elated and their relationship resumed to normalcy.

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