Experiencing unexplained behaviors – Discover your soul plan

Experiencing unexplained behaviors – Discover your soul plan

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena trained under Dr. Brain Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters), uses her proficiency in Past Life Regression Therapy and various modalities to bring about revitalizing outcomes for her clients. Shyama mother of 8-year-old twins approached with a peculiar issue. Ali was restless and violent in presence of his sibling Sohail who would live in constant fear.

Shyama regressed to a life where she had married twice. She as a father was influenced by his manipulative second wife and violently ill-treated his elder daughter from his first wife. The effects of such an entanglement were revealed at the soul plan level. Shyama as the past life father had to learn to see her children equally.

Ali in this life had to let go the need for revenge of that past life and Sohail had to learn to appreciate strength holistically.

Each soul had to imbibe timeless values of love and equality over worldly values of greed and insecurity.  After this session, they shared a healthy compatibility.

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