What are the Best Vastu Tips for Bedroom?

What are the Best Vastu Tips for Bedroom?

A good night’s sleep is crucial to good health: It is during the overnight hours that the body regenerates and prepares you for the next day. That’s why it is so important that your bed provide strong support and protection—and this is why every vastu consultant strongly recommends a good, solid headboard.

Vastu influences every aspect related to life. It plays a crucial role in the well-being of the house. It is very essential to keep the house architecturally correct. If the house is properly maintained then the positive energy comes in the house and the atmosphere of the house becomes pleasant. To get a pleasant atmosphere at home, it is necessary to place a bed in the red direction. Adopt these Vastu Tips as bedroom play a significant role in making the atmosphere of home pleasant.


Sleeping Positions:

Vastu Shastra for house highly recommends this direction as your usual sleeping position with head towards the South. This is believed to provide sound sleep and increase the wealth and prosperity in the household. Vastu says sleeping in this position can make you rich and healthy filling your life with happiness and prosperity. If you feel often your works are unfulfilled or dragging for so long, you might need to try this sleeping position. While sleeping in the south direction, you get peace of mind and find a great improvement in your health since South is associated with positive energy.


Wardrobe Position:

The bedroom cabinet or the almirah should be placed in the southwest direction of the room. The room should open to the north. It should be placed leaving the north-east, south-east, north-west corners and east and north directions of the room. The cash almirah should not be kept on a shaky platform it should stand on the leveled floor. Almirah should comprise of one door. The cash almirah should be kept in front of the North door. In the almirah, keep the cash and jewelry on the west or south side. If the almirah is kept in the Northeast, there will be a loss of cash.


Décor and Colours:

Place a sea painting in the bedroom. Using ocean-based paintings at home helps to bring positive energy in the house. Do not place paintings related to pirates in the house because it brings negative energy at home. According to Vastu Shastra, use pink, blue, purple color painting on the walls of your house. As per Vastu Shastra services, the bed sheet that has been laid on your bed should have a design of flowers other than the rose. Use only pink, red and purple bedsheets. It transmits positive energy. There should be sufficient light in the room. Do not keep an image or statues of gods and goddesses in the bedroom.

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