Unlocking the Keys to Yourself with Theta Healing

Unlocking the Keys to Yourself with Theta Healing

When you look at your ancestors and their beliefs, you will come up with answers that are much deeper than just yourself. 0059ou use your mind to sort out, understand, and live life, but every cell has knowledge of everything that happened. The subconscious holds onto everything. You learn, to shift the genetic beliefs of many. When we clear up a lot of our beliefs we start on genetic beliefs. If you get deep into, you might even want to cry, and you become tired. This will help you in unlocking the keys to yourself. 

When you get to the bottom history beliefs, you come to the reason why the brain is really holding on to a belief or where that belief is really in our history; you get uncomfortable. We take this information to evolve. When we do belief work, we do not always realize how much of our beliefs are held on a genetic or history level. When you don’t want to do the belief work, this is the last chance the subconscious has to hold to what it thinks is helping you.

You have you to come into this situation to learn, so you created this before you ever got here that you would learn different things as you grow. What if you change the bottom belief and shift the program? So even if you find the bottom belief then you feel like you want to give up, what did you learn from it? How did this belief serve you? If this is no longer in your life, you could create what you want. You want to give up.

We are so connected to the group consciousness of everyone who has ever lived, and we are so connected to many things. Our ancestors has learned a lot of skills that you have naturally born to you, like the natural desire to help your fellow man. This is why you picked your ancestors and where you came from and why some of the things that happened in your life. You come here to learn and grow. If you are a healer of any kind, you have learned that there is a desire to help people.

When we come to this earth, you have an idea of what you want to learn. It also has recordings of every behaviour and everything that has been learned by our ancestors. We have these belief systems that are integrated into our DNA that we need to talk about the past and how is actually serves us.

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