All about Family Constellation Therapy

All about Family Constellation Therapy

Our current understanding how life works is very restricted. This revealed information can become a catalyst that can induce healing not only for the individual client but his or her entire family system. About 70% of all problems worked on in psychotherapy stem from family entanglements and can only be solved by looking at the entire family system.” — Bert Hellinger

The following life events can generate entanglements that can span over many generations when not properly resolved:

  • Child loss due to stillbirth, illness, death of twin in utero, miscarriage, abortion
  • Premature death of parents, siblings or someone beloved
  • Any kind of childhood trauma – especially early separation from mother that results in non-bonding, adoption
  • Physical assault, sexual molestation, rape, murder
  • Serious illness, injury, injustice, handicap, mental illness
  • Not being able to be with the person one loves
  • Leaving one’s home country
  • Involvement in war, disaster or crimes
  • Betrayal, loss of one’s fortune
  • Any kind of serious trauma experienced in childhood or adulthood


Working with thousands of individuals and families, Dr Geetanjali became aware that people are linked to an invisible field which can be accessed to provide information that is hidden and unknown. Everything that has happened in history is meticulously remembered by this memory. The present is and the future will be based on what has been experienced in the past. Nevertheless, something like a higher intelligence or collective memory bank exists in the form of a greater wisdom or consciousness. Our belief that solid matter alone exists is all too prevalent still. Everything that has ever been experienced on this planet by all life forms is recorded within this collective memory.

Nothing is ever forgotten. This is evident all throughout nature.

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