Theta Healing – Redirect The Flow Of Powerful Energies

Theta Healing – Redirect The Flow Of Powerful Energies

Living the ThetaHealing Lifestyle is being aware of and being connected to the universe and the Creator of All That is in a way that enhances your life and your awareness of all beings in the universe, from the tiniest ant to the largest sun and galaxy. It is about being aware of other humans on this planet, respecting them and creating peace. This lifestyle is about being connected and having community.


Every day you get up, work on your beliefs. As you move through your life, your beliefs change with your lifestyle, and with the people around you. When you get up every morning, expand out to the Universe so that you can feel life all around you. Notice the trees, notice everything around you. Throughout the day, if you say or think anything negative, you cancel it in your mind and say “no”. Every night before you go to bed, go up to Creator again and thank the Creator for everything. An attitude of gratitude.


Download yourself every day and the things around you. Surround your car and home with white light. Clear the objects in your house and download them with new positive energy. Everything has an energy that gives back. As people, we feel other people’s thoughts. We feel the radio waves. We are intuitive and don’t realize it. We get pounded by thoughts constantly so when you are in your home, download it with positive thoughts so that you feel refreshed.


Only put things into your body that feed your body what it needs. Lots of living food, enzymes, and be careful not to eat too much processed food. Make sure that you bless your food. Bless the food from the time that it is born, or the original seed, up to maturity. When you are aware of your surroundings, you understand how good the food that you eat is and how to maintain health as you go throughout life.


When you walk on the Earth you should be able to feel all of the Earth. Feel the trees everywhere. Allow the Earth to heal you. The trees will heal you. The water will heal you. Water has memory of everything that it has ever touched. Fresh water has an amazing healing energy. If you send a healing to the Earth, you should let the Earth send you healing back.


When you live this lifestyle, you become an expansion human and connected to all things. Changing the planet one person at a time, living in harmony, peace, and understanding throughout your daily life.

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