Let’s Care For Our Elderly During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Let’s Care For Our Elderly During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has brought about unprecedented fear and uncertainty, especially among older adults.


The elderly rely on social connection more than most and they need it now more than ever. The elderly and retired sometimes need a helping hand and they also often need to have people around them. With India practicing a nation-wide lock down and social distancing vulnerable seniors could be feeling more alone than usual.


There are several reasons why the elderly are somewhat more vulnerable – they have more chronic conditions than younger people, their aging immune system makes it harder to fight off diseases, infections and viruses. Recoveries are usually slower and more complicated.


Most of us are worried for our loved ones that are older and living far away from us. They might face anxiety because they live alone, are on a fixed income or pension, no longer drive and cannot take public transport, their routine health checkups are delayed. They could also have un-diagnosed or poorly managed depression. For millions of elderly COVID-19 has amplified their already-existing worries.


With most of the world under quarantine, unemployment, travel banned and schools closed if you feel afraid don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s easy to let negative thoughts and feelings creep in around the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping a positive mindset will be the a big support that you can give older adults.

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