The case of a missing daughter.

The case of a missing daughter.

About the Client: Vandita had approached Dr. Gittanjali to find out the whereabouts of her daughter Sujata. Sujata had disconnected from her family completely and was not traceable through any means; neither phone nor through friends or even through social media. She had blocked her family members on all of the connecting platforms.

Resolution:  The participant felt one part of her in Missouri where Sujata has been living for sometime now. However, as the matrix was set up in current time, space and dimension, the matrix revealed that she was in Mumbai from past few days.

Sujata seemed to be in extreme depression and there were needle pains all throughout the body. She had secluded herself completely. The constant nagging self-talk with her was that ‘I am good for nothing and I just hate myself’.

The matrix also revealed a strange presence. This presence resembled an old lady. This was an extremely imbalanced, unpleasant energy that seemed to have captivated Sujata in some way. This unpleasant energy was very overpowering and to an extent that Sujata felt she owed her life to her.

Sujata was experiencing extreme ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. As a result of this depression, there were a few unpleasant energies attached to her auric field.

On further investigation among the attached energies, the overpowering energy belonged to one of her relatives ‘Manisha’. Manisha is a ‘Kali –devote’ and she would take Sujata along with her for certain rituals(Puja’s) on the pretext that she was under some kind of a spell and this participation would protect her against all evils. Manisha disliked Sujata’s mother for some reason and this was a good enough reason for her to probe Sujata and take her due revenge.

Manisha accused Vandita of having ill-intentions towards her own daughter and the rituals only made Sujata’s belief stronger about the same.  Slowly, all the attachment and unpleasant energies were released one by one from Sujata’s aura.

After releasing them, Vanidta was introduced in the matrix. A lot of anger surfaced up from Sujata’s end and on holistically processing and releasing it she could walk towards her mother. Sujata acknowledged Vanidita’s presence and could see her mother beyond the veil of ill-intentions that was enforced by Manisha.


Conclusion: When the things are allowed to unfold in its way anchored in faith and the facilitator untangles the concerns through her expertise, one can see drastic and immediate results. After this session, in less than 24 hours, Vandita called up Dr Gittanjali to inform that she was able to get through her daughter’s phone. At least Sujata had unblocked her mother. And this was surely a sign of progress.

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