Meet the two life improving sciences: Astrology & Theta Healing

Meet the two life improving sciences: Astrology & Theta Healing

Astrology is a science that is probably as old as humanity itself. It studies the movement of celestial objects and predicts their impact on human lives and terrestrial events. On the other hand, is Theta Healing Therapy (THT) which is one of the latest techniques which was introduced in the year 1995. Given the nature of both sciences, they are very much person dependent. Their accuracies depend highly on the experience and expertise of the practitioner involved. Unfortunately, since such learned practitioners are far and few, modern technology has come to the rescue of the advice seekers. Most experts today offer online astrology consultation to their patrons. These consultations could be in the form of video chats, email conversations, or even phone calls.

Many cultures across the world, like Indian, Chinese, and Mayan, have developed their versions of astrology that have a lot in common. While the approaches taken in cultures may differ, their basic premise, the position, and movement of celestial bodies remain the same when it comes to predicting important events in an individual’s life. Today, with the help of modern technology, seekers can approach an expert in astrology through various means and arrange for an online astrology consultation that saves a lot of effort for both the seeker and the expert.

Proposed by Vianna Stibal in 1995, Theta Healing Therapy is the latest addition in the bouquet of techniques that attempt to improve one’s life. In THT, the basic premise is that the conscious and unconscious mind has a direct impact on emotional well-being and hence the physical well-being of the person. In THT, the practitioner and the seeker enter into a Theta brainwave state where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode. This allows the practitioner to understand and study the brainwaves to decipher the distress signals emitted by the brain about a particular physical discomfort or ailment. THT can assist in the overall healing process when used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies.

However, for both online astrology consultations or theta healing therapy to succeed, it is critical to work with an expert. One of India’s top astrology and theta healing expert is Dr. Geetanjali Saxena. Through her Institute of Holistic Sciences, she has been helping seekers across the world to improve their quality of life and providing them with a peace-of-mind and body. You can also approach her and make sure that your life quality improves too!

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