Becoming successful in life with Family Constellation Therapy

Becoming successful in life with Family Constellation Therapy

We are all parts of our giant family tree. We carry the good, bad, and ugly emotional baggage of our ancestors in our lives. This baggage may not be visible or even not felt by most of us as we consider it as our natural behaviour. Thus, our lineage does influence the way we feel, react, and manage any given life situation.

It was this question that led German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger to develop the Family Constellation Therapy and create family constellation workshops to address many of the emotional and psychological issues that we face almost every day in our lives. After studying this for over 50 years, in the mid-1990’s he proposed this new therapy. He had studied and observed patient families and their concerns for a long period. This led him to believe that across generations, there existed patterns in families like illnesses or negative emotions that spanned across generations. He then proposed a solution to this in the form of family constellation workshops.

A family constellation workshop is always conducted by an experienced facilitator for the best results. It consists of a group of unrelated individuals acting as family members of the “seeker”. The Seeker sees the session’s proceedings as an outsider. During the family constellation workshop, none of the participants are told about the family history nor is any other information shared. These participants start feeling and experiencing the same emotions as the person they are portraying. They develop a telepathic connection with each other without being prodded to do so. The facilitator encourages these participants to describe their relationship with other family members. Through such discussions, the Seeker gets a different perspective of the situation and hence can manage the situation better.

Family constellation therapy and family constellation workshops are ideal if you are seeking to deal with strained family relationships, negative emotions, strengthening a romantic relationship, ending a family dispute, or simply looking to end turmoil inside you thus liberating you to achieve success in life.

Experts like Dr. Geetanjali Saxena have been facilitating such workshops successfully for quite some time now. Practicing at her Institute of Holistic Sciences, Dr. Saxena is an acclaimed expert who can help you manage your emotional troubles better to succeed in life. As they say, behind every successful human being there stands a rock-solid family, if you too want to be successful in life, make sure that your family issues are managed well so that they support you to take a big leap in life.

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