Introduction to the world of Family Constellation Therapy

Introduction to the world of Family Constellation Therapy

Introduction to the world of Family Constellation Therapy

Across the world, one can notice that within a family, the next generation carries some of the traits of the older generation. These traits could be in the form of looks, habits, mannerisms, and in some cases in the form of suffering too. While the older generation may not be physically present, their traits do get passed on to us without we even realizing it. Like the way we enjoy the good things passed on to us, we also suffer from the negative things. All such good things and also the sufferings happen to us without we even attempting it. Hence the question arises is how can we save ourselves from the negative effects of things that we are directly not responsible for.

The origin of Family Constellation Therapy

Bert Hellinger, a German Psychologist studied this question for over 50 years, and finally in the mid-’90s answered it by developing a system which is today known as Family Constellation Therapy. The Family Constellation Therapy evolved out of his work while working as a family therapist and his experiences with the energy found in family bonds.  During his long study, Bert found very striking patterns within generations of families. These
patterns ranged from mental health issues, illness, negative emotions, etc. and in certain extreme cases, even destructive behavior which the current generation adopts unknowingly.

A Family Constellation Therapy is far less restrictive than any other therapies present today and also allows people to visualize the issues from a different perspective and also provides solutions to heal the situation.

Issues managed by a Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapy is highly recommended while dealing with the family of origin issues, relationship difficulties between two generations, and most importantly in an intimate relationship between couples. This method of therapy is ideal when it comes to matters involving:

  • Harmful or negative relationships
  • Improving the intimate or romantic relationship
  • Resolving complex family matters and situations.
  • Breaking free from an internal turmoil
  • Healing oneself from any intense trauma or loss.
  • The pursuit of personal or professional success.

We at the Institute of Holistic Sciences Mumbai conduct Family Constellation Therapy sessions for our client's basis their case condition. Under the guidance of Dr. Geetanjali Saxena, the well-acclaimed wellness coach and a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy and counseling, such private and group sessions are conducted at regular intervals. In such sessions, we first attempt to identify the core issue that lies hidden in the complex family dynamics. We then apply a solution in the form of a healing process that assuages this core issue thus healing it

Since the time we began applying the Family Constellation Therapy to our clients who were in desperate need of such solutions, we found that most of their sufferings had ended, and their lives had been enriched greatly. They feel as if they were reborn as the suffering and pain that was holding them back had disappeared.
So, the next time you feel that there are issues for which you are unable to find an answer, try undergoing a Family Constellation Therapy. You just might be a new you at the end of it!

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