All about the Family Constellation Workshop

All about the Family Constellation Workshop

All about the Family Constellation Workshop

The Family Constellation Workshop has been hailed as an effective method for healing interpersonal relations, personal trauma, and inner turmoil. Owing to its novel approach, the process facilitates emotional release, resolution, and satisfactory closure as part of a shared group process. This enables you to gain newfound clarity of your situation from a novel, unbiased perspective. Seeing the bigger picture as part of the family constellation, helps you observe and comprehend the influences of previous generations, many of which you were completely unaware of.

How to prepare for a Family Constellation Workshop?

While it is not expected from participants to know about every minor detail of their family history, certain impactful events or major facts of the past can be shared as part of this workshop.

  • Any tragic/untimely death in the family history (suicide, murder, accident, etc.)
  • Any particular cause of major guilt or crime committed
  • Infidelity or multiple partners/lovers of family members
  • Any family members cast away as outsiders owing to physical disability, mental illness, homosexuality, immigration, etc.
  • Any instances of children being still-born or separated from parents early in life

This information is solicited strictly as part of the family constellation therapy. As a reputed and trustworthy wellness institute, we assure you of utmost confidentiality.

How many Workshops should one attend?

This is a fairly common question and the answer depends on the severity of the issue. For many clients, one or two workshops prove to be sufficient as their issues are not very deep.
But for others with deeply-rooted issues, a couple of more workshops would be required for a satisfactory resolution.

How does the process work?

Family Constellations are built by workshop attendees who are not related to each other. The attendees are placed in positions by the facilitator of the group, as family members of the person or couple who need a resolution for a particular issue. The family constellation is completed with the individual or couple, other attendees as family members, and one person as seeker or facilitator. The family disharmony is thereon experienced, as the group members are unknown to one another. Each member feels telepathic emotions, or a sense of knowing about the issue being addressed, although the issue is not verbally discussed.
The facilitator watches from outside encourages members to speak as and when required and resolves the issue at hand, based on the underlying familial connections established.

Family Constellation Workshops at Institute of Holistic Sciences, Mumbai

Helmed by Acclaimed Wellness Coach and PH.D. Psychotherapy Dr. Geetanjali Saxena, our dedicated team has successfully counseled many clients with deep-rooted personal, professional, and familial issues. As compared to regular therapy sessions, the unconventional methodologies of Family Constellation Workshops have yielded noteworthy insights and remarkable clarity for participants. We have personally witnessed many clients who didn’t find satisfactory results with conventional psychotherapy, achieve breakthrough results in just one or two workshops. The cathartic healing and satisfying closure makes this therapy definitely worth a try!

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