How is Reiki Performed?

How is Reiki Performed?

Reiki is performed in two ways, touch healing and distance healing. To perform either of these, you need to be initialized by a reiki grand Master.

Before you start thinking that Reiki is some kind of a Masonic Cult, I would like to clarify that there is no pyramid structure to Reiki. The only โ€œlevelsโ€ you need to cross are in your own journey towards self-actualization. Once you do that, you will automatically feel more prone to learning advance levels of Reiki, till you graduate as a Grand Master.

What is learning Reiki?

Certain correlation between the body mind and the Universal energy are explained in each level, in increasing detail. When I first learnt Reiki, I started getting all these epiphanies about certain habits I harbored, the knowledge about the mind and body shared in the class, just confirmed my suspicions. When I say truths about the mind-body, there is a lot about the chakra systems to it.

Reiki helped me go from a paranoid, insecure loner to a substantially more accepting, confident, social butterfly ๐Ÿ™‚ It didn’t happen overnight it’s been a year and a half I guess. But it was a beautiful journey. Over a period of time I came to learn about crystals and angelic energy. I learnt that I was clairsentient and clairaudient.

The scientific thinkers among us might argue that I have succumbed to confirmation bias. I wonder that too sometimes, so I ground myself, I use logic to a great extent, but I have also come to accept that certain things go beyond me, and I have only hope and faith to rely on in these cases. I can’t know everything, and that’s okay. I know what I know now and I must work with that knowledge to do better. Sometimes though we just have to wait and see how things pan out. I have started dealing with anxiety and with being patient. Before being introduced to Reiki, I was depressed I felt I lacked the strength to even move a finger. Today I take on challenges readily. If my confirmation bias in Reiki has made me a more resilient human being, then I am not complaining.


With hope and faith my belief in myself has improved tremendously. I have started internalizing my victories, I have become more comfortable with uncertainty, and I have started to see the supremely green grass that’s under my feet ๐Ÿ™‚

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