Dates and anxiety

Dates and anxiety

Rishi came to Dr Geetanjali Saxena with the problem of having fear and restlessness about dates, anytime he sets up a date with a girl he is overwhelmed with anxiety and sometimes experiences panic attacks and due to this he is unable to meet his partner.

As Dr Geetanjali understood this issue, she suggested Rishi to undergo past life regression for his issue to understand the underlying cause of his anxiety about meeting people.

As the first session began, he saw himself in a past life he saw himself getting as a girl who is about to be married to a rich man and shifting to another city after marriage in 1974.

She was a very beautiful young girl staying in a big house filled with all the luxuries. She was all alone there but. Her husband used to visit her very less and be out of town most of the time.

Later she found that he was married to other women also in different cities, whenever her husband gave her any date for visiting her, she desperately used to wait for him by marking the dates on the calendar but he never turned up. This kept on happening and she kept on waiting for the date he would turn up. Later she saw that one day he called him and gave her the date of 24th for coming to meet her. She waited for the date but on 24th morning she got a call from him informing that he wouldn’t come. She had a long argument with him over the phone.

Later she saw herself in lot of anger, drinking alcohol and breaking all the things at home. She got tired and at the end kills herself by cutting her hand with the broken piece of glass. She eventually ends her life staring at calendar.

This girl who spent her whole life waiting for her husband and dying also while waiting has taken a new birth in new body as man but the fear, thoughts and insecurities of past life has also come with him which is now affecting his present life but he is not able to understand the reason. After the session he now knows the answer and can overcome from this with the help of healing and awareness.

When fear, pain or a problem is present in our daily life it goes deep inside our soul and follows us to the next lives also till we find the reason and overcomes from it.

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