How can Past Life Regression therapy help you fall in love with yourself

How can Past Life Regression therapy help you fall in love with yourself

Past Life Regression therapy is a hypnosis technique which helps the client to go into trance with the help of a therapist to view his/her past lives which help to resolve the issues of life. We all have lived many lives in different bodies, in different times & at different places. In all these births, we had experiences which left us with different kinds of beliefs, fears, passions, sometimes even oaths/vows/curses. We carry all of this with us at the soul level. And in the following births we decide the blue print of our lives based on these experiences to once again try and reach the truth & complete our learning.

Past Life Regression therapy helps an individual to identify these experiences by going into trance & tapping that lifetime which is responsible for such an experience. Once the life is viewed, the therapist commands the client to release these experiences, inhibitions, fears, oaths, vows as they were a part of some other time with different circumstances & the same is not required now. It is no longer necessary for the soul to carry these things forward in life & hence the therapy enables the client’s mind to release this burden.

Dr. Brian Weiss is the personality who has written many books on the cases of his patients & how they discovered healing through past life regression. Dr. Geetanjali Saxena uses this technique taught by Dr. Brian Weiss effortlessly & is successfully helping her clients lead a complete life based only on their present life circumstances, by releasing the baggage of the past.


Benefits of Past Life Regression:

Past Life Regression has far reaching effects on the clients. It helps to heal interpersonal relationships, overcome fears & phobias, heal chronic diseases as well. Any oaths, vows, curses taken up in past lives are resolved as they no longer serve the client; thereby helping him to live a life of compassion & love. At the soul level, it helps the soul to understand the truth, accept the learning & end the sufferings of many life times. Multiple issues can get resolved with one past life regression therapy. It releases the burden of the soul by releasing the fears, phobias, struggles and also karmic balances which need to be made between souls.

Past Life Regression also brings back to the conscious awareness the talents and hobbies of the client which will help him lead a more satisfying life. It also brings back the real goal plan of the soul which was decided to be completed in this life with ease & comfort.

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